Gremlin Watches: Shrill Season Two

(A tiny review.)

Hulu’s Shrill, featuring Aidy Bryant

I just finished the second season of the knockout hit, Shrill, and boy howdy am I happy about it. The first season was kind of life changing for me, and for a lot of the fat community; Lindy West’s creation and Aidy Bryant’s brilliant performance was the first time I’ve ever seen someone like myself on screen.

Season two is just as fun, and explores a lot of interesting facets of life as a beginner writer and a fat girl in a thin-loving world. My one complaint is that the episodes are too short to really get in the dirt of the issues it presents. Mother’s trying to get their daughters to diet; settling for a less-than-acceptable boyfriend because you’re too scared to date as a fat woman; thin people just not ‘getting it’. The 30 minute television format makes it easy to see these problems at the surface level, but god I wish I could see what Annie’s character is really really feeling for a full hour.

The only painful thing was the conflict circling around what a bad match Annie and Ryan was, because it was a bad match; she deserves so much better and that’s clear with every single scene they share, and even some they don’t. Part of me wished that she dumped him within the first episode, realizing what a pain in the ass he was, and the rest of the season was her discovering what sort of man she really deserved, but that was not the case. I understand, structurally, having that conflict and dynamic was good for the entire eight episode arc, but I’m very much looking forward to see what they tackle next…

Especially because dating as a fat woman is such a pain in the ass, and seeing what they do with it is going to be a real treat!


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