“Good luck with your banana ride share business!”

There isn’t a lot of good news recently, but there’s one source of joy in my life;

Tuca and Bertie is getting renewed on Adult Swim!

Maybe it was because I was in a rough patch when the show got cancelled, or maybe because I was just too invested, but the news of the initial cancellation was such a bummer for me. It felt kind of personal; I related so hard to this weird quirky show about two birds and Netflix didn’t renew it for a second season. If a brilliant creator like Lisa Hanawalt wasn’t able to make her show last, what chance is there for a beginner screenwriter like me? And it wasn’t like I was alone; the cancellation was met with a whole lot of confusion. And the fact is Netflix didn’t do a good job advertising it and then was surprised when not as many people saw it. Lame.

But all that’s put to rest because Adult Swim picked it up!

There’s going to be ten more episodes and frankly I cannot wait to see what happens.

I used to daydream about writing a spec for Tuca and Bertie (plot not at all fleshed out, but I imagined Tuca inadvertently becoming a super famous anonymous fanfic writer who wrote raunchy gay sex scenes of in-universe superheroes akin to Marvel or DC.) Maybe with this most recent news I’ll get it done!

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