Spark Social SF!

Last weekend I went out to the far side of town for a friend’s birthday, and it was delightful. I was so worried about posting some of these pictures, but I had such a good time it seemed silly not to share.

I’m looking pretty big in these pics. But I’m also looking pretty happy? Sometimes it’s still shocking to me that the two can happen at the same time.

(My favorite shot! Influencer life here I come!)

Spark Social in SF is a weird sort of grownup playground; there’s a mini golf course and a food truck spot and my friend rented out the large double decker bus for her party. Overall a great little space for an event, and the food was awesome!

(Also, I’ve got a great clearance shirt from Torrid that has penguins with bowties! Delightful! What’s not to love?) (I’m not making money off of this link, I just want to share the joy of penguins in bow ties).

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