Script Reading Services

Are you looking to take your screenplay, pilot or spec script to the next level? Maybe a skim to make sure your story makes sense? A look at your dialogue from a self-proclaimed dialogue doctor? I do all this and more and would love a chance to help you write and tell your story!

Turnaround time 2-5 days.


A Happy Skim — $30

  • Getting ready to send your piece off to the competitions or, *gasp* a potential agent? This is the perfect time for a final lookieloo from a professional lookie-looer to catch any small mistakes.
  • Includes a small report about potential holes/issues.

A Dialogue Doctor Checkup — $60

  • An in depth look at your dialogue from a bonafide self-proclaimed dialogue doctor!
  • Examination of dialogue as a means of conveying story and plot as well as characterization and character arcs.
  • A hard look as to whether or not your dialogue sounds good for each character (will probably include me reading the dialogue out loud in multiple inflections to really get the gist of it).
  • Includes a detailed report on dialogue successes and failures as well as pointers and tips to emphasize the unique voices of the characters.
    • Additional service; Dialogue Punch-Up! Make those conversations snappier, more to the point and just overall better!
    • Add a Happy Skim issues report for $15!

The Full Monty — $90

  • A comprehensive look at your screenplay covering all the basics like formatting all the way up to the fancy stuff like theme, overall story arcs and narrative techniques.
  • Dialogue Doctor checkup.
  • Plot-hole fillers!
  • Includes a detailed full-coverage report (4-6 pages) of all aspects of your screenplay with additional notes on what to improve and best-methods to achieve your ultimate goals.
  • Includes a Skype/Zoom meeting to discuss your screenplay, answer any questions.
    • Additional Service; 1-2 potential log lines and/or synopses — $10

Please feel free to get in touch if this is the service for you!