A Cautiously Optimistic Gremlin Check-in

One of the main reasons I started this blog was a supplemental income generator. It hasn’t exactly been that. I’ve made a grand total of ¢5.

And that’s fine!

In a perfect world it would have worked out, but this world is not perfect.

Case in point, remember how I mentioned my dad had a cardiac arrest? That was October. He was recovering really well when out of nowhere, boom! He had a stroke in January. Needless to say, the world has been anything but perfect. Again, he’s recovering well but a lot of my time has been dedicated to rehabbing him. I was having a really tough time writing at all in 2020 and this new life change has made it even harder. I’ve got some ideas, but boy howdy the drive to sit down and get them on the page is not there.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep writing this blog, but try and just focus on content that I want to produce. Really, I just want to talk about screenwriting and movies. I don’t care about affiliate programs. I’ll probably still keep posting my bookshop.org links if a good book comes up, but I’m really not interested in shilling for amazon or other programs like that. Maybe I’ll try again in a few years if I get an actual following, but it just makes the process of writing a blog a little soul-sucking.

Anyway, here are some things I want to write about in the coming weeks;

  • A review of Minari (because it broke me!) and Promising Young Woman (which broke me in a different way).
  • A list of ideas I’ve had to write but haven’t been able to do because my life is in shambles.
  • Something new about writing dialogue. That’s my raison d’etre and I haven’t done it in a while on this blog (for obvious reasons).
  • Hopefully something about the Oscars before or during (probably just the clothes, let’s be honest). I was terrible about watching movies this year in general and the best picture nominations were no exceptions. Again, mainly just interested in what happens to Minari and Promising Young Woman. I watched Trial of the Chicago Seven and I can’t even tell why it was nominated. It left no impression on me whatsoever.

And I kind of want to start a podcast. Actually I’ve wanted to do a podcast for about ten thousand years and maybe I’ll just try taking the plunge.

And that’s it. Dad had a stroke, I’m not doing affiliate links anymore, may do a podcast. 

What are your Oscar thoughts? You been up to anything interesting? Any new movies you need me to see? Comment below, because that’s how blogs work, right?

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